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Make the Granimals Way your own, and connect with several others who are dedicated to changing their life.
Build a network of sports and fitness enthusiasts, who can help you stay accountable towards your goal.
Every day, the clock resets it is an opportunity for you to become the better version of yourself.

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Belonging - A community that gives you the space to thrive as an individual, Granimals is bound to help you feel right at home
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Make the Granimals Way your own, and connect with several others who are dedicated to changing their life
Join a network of sports and fitness enthusiasts in India, who can help you measure where you are
Every day, the clock resets. The process of becoming a better you, becomes extraordinary and memorable through the community
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Real Granimals real stories
I joined Granimals 5 and a half months post op. Even though I was able to jog I was not able to land, jump or do other activities necessary for my sport. After 3 months with Granimals I've gained strength and size in my entire lower body. I'm able to perform sports specific movements. I no longer feel scared while running or playing Squash and I'm grateful for the care, guidance and support from the Granimals team.
Professional Squash Player
I suffered a grade 3 ACL tear twice in my left knee while dancing. I underwent surgery followed by physiotherapy. But I continued to experience ankle pain, lower back pain, and a lag in my knee extension three months after the operation. I luckily discovered Granimals, and knew they were the right fit as they had been through what I was experiencing. They created a bespoke recovery plan that was tailored to my needs. I made significant progress in just one month and now able to exercise painlessly.
Recreational Dancer
Suffered ACL tear couple of years ago. With minimal rehab, and no concept of Strength, Plyos, Return to sport work, started playing again. Re-injured Acl as soon as he did that. Been with us since day-1 this time around, progressing at an advanced rate. 5 weeks post, op already in phase 3 of rehab (complete flexion/extension, Quad/Ham activation and normal routine achieved.
Professional Football Player
I joined Granimals with multiple joint and muscular injuries to my knee, hamstrings, lower back, and groin. When Granimals assessed me  they noticed a lot of imbalances in my lower body, which was the main reason why I kept getting hurt. I went to numerous doctors and Physios but nobody was able to pin point this. Granimals treated my injuries with constant monitoring and a progressive loading strategy.  After a brief time with Granimals I'm pain free and prepared to return to the field after becoming familiar with plyometrics and multidirectional movements.
Recreational Football Player