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Frequently asked questions

What is Granimals?

Granimals is a platform by ex-athletes who suffered multiple injuries due to the poor strength and conditioning and injury rehabilitation infrastructure in India, so they decided to start Granimals to prevent people from going through what they did. Granimals means a greater animal which makes us a mindset led rehab and fitness company.

How can I enrol to be a Granimal?

Step 1 - Once you fill out the form or DM us on Instagram our experts will schedule a call with you
Step 2 - 
After the call you'll be asked to complete the onboarding process - sharing reports, making payments etc.
Step 3 - Next our expert trainers will hop on an assessment call with you to build your case load
Step 4 - You'll receive your customized workout plan. Now you have to put in the work to earn the right to call yourself a Granimal

When will I receive my plans?

Once you fill the form a personal coach is assigned to you, to understand the case. After you pay your personal coach will create a plan within 48 - 72 hours based on your requirements & current condition.

Who are the coaches?

Granimals has a team of certified expert Physios and S&C coaches who are assigned to our clients based on their specialized needs. All our client loads are reviewed and constantly monitored by the founders as well.

How do you oversee service excellence?

Our master trainers review the client progress, satisfaction on a daily basis. We have weekly feedback & check-in call internally and with our clients to monitor the progress. Apart from this you have the freedom to email us or contact your trainer via whatsapp if you have any questions or concerns.

After enrolling for a program is there an option for a refund?

Once you’ve made a conscious decision to enroll for our program, refund wouldn’t be an option as currently Granimals does not provide refund.

Who do I contact if I have technical difficulties with my course?

Please email our team at contact@granimals.in and we will try to resolve the issue at the earliest.

How do I provide feedback about my membership experience?

We are always looking for feedback to improve our client experience and products. If you have any feedback on our website, social media, services offered, please drop a mail at contact@granimals.in