We’re Granimals

Inspired by becoming the greatest version of yourself, Granimals is a mindset led company changing the way you think of sports, rehabilitation and fitness.

We are committed to our resolve of providing world-class guidance, support and learning for athletes, fitness seekers, and those searching for injury rehab.
"Granimal means Greater - Animal. A greater animal is not an athlete, an entrepreneur or some guru. A Granimal is a human committed to become a greater version of themselves."
- Granimals Team
"Granimal means Greater - Animal. A greater animal is not an athlete, an entrepreneur or some guru. A Granimal is a human committed to become a greater version of themselves."
- Granimals Team

A brief history of Granimals

Year 2008
3 Football lovers meet
Aameen, Sidharth, and Rochan met at the football field when they started playing football at their school. They went ahead to represent the state in the game. It was a common love for the game and appreciation for the competitive spirit that bloomed their friendship.
Year 2011
Multiple Injuries and No Rehab
Between 2011 and 2015 All three of them suffered ACL injuries and underwent surgeries. To their shock even the top surgeons didn't know physiotherapists who could helped the Granimals return to sport leaving them to figure out their own Rehab journey.
Year 2016
Recurring Injuries
In 6 years Granimals tore their ACL 8 times and underwent 8 surgeries leaving them confused and devastated, because the concept of Strength & Conditioning was unknown in India and there were no post injury protocols available for athletes.
Year 2018
The love for football was always there
Rochan and Sidharth quit and started pursuing different paths yet whenever they met they discussed how the situation was stagnant since 20 years and wondered why? Why despite being a country with the largest population, our  performance at Olympics and other international sporting events was poor.
Year 2021
Taking the Reins in their hands
They decided to take it on themselves, put their expertise and experience into place to solve this systematic problems by starting Granimals as they understood the mental and physical pain to get injured, undergo surgery and to give up on your dreams.
Granimals are serving their clients by providing science backed injury rehabilitation, sports strength and conditioning, fitness training to current athletes ex-athletes and people who are committed towards their fitness goals. Till date Granimals has serviced over 900 customers and continues to break it's own goal every month.
Meet the Granimals
Aameen started playing when he was 13 with no proper coaching, no football education, or guidance. He managed to play Nationals and represent his state team in several age-group tournaments. Bagged a scholarship to play college soccer in the US and at age 21, he dropped out of college to become a professional football player.

Aameen is the epitome of discipline, resilience, passion, and grit. He brings to the table several years of experience in individual training, planning one’s own sessions, analyzing players, matches, and one’s own performance. His goal is to deliver excellence to people using his experience and passion.
Aameen  |  The Strength
COO | Professional Footballer
Sidharth is a Certified S&C Coach & a personal trainer to professional athletes across a multitude of sports disciplines. He is also the First National Crossfit Games Champion and a former professional Football player. A fast riser in the local football circuit, he played several National tournaments for his state team and was one of the few local boys chosen to represent Minerva Academy FC; the city’s first professional club that participated in India’s second-highest football league.

His dream of playing at the national level came to a screeching halt with two painful ACL injuries. Surgeries, recurring injuries, and family responsibilities made him give up and move to a successful career in the banking and corporate sector. But, it wasn’t enough. One day he walked out of his cubicle and never returned. He decided to go back to what lit his heart on fire— Football and physical fitness.
Sidharth |  The Soul
CEO | India’s leading S&C coach
Rochan started playing football at the age of 9 and quickly rose to represent his state in various national tournaments, and university in various championships. Having suffered three surgeries due to ACL tears between the age of 16 and 23, Rochan quit his professional football career to pursue his dream of becoming a serial entrepreneur in New York City in 2016.

Rochan is in the business of building businesses and he is a master at getting things done. No matter how complex your problem is, he has a solution up his sleeves. Rochan’s global experience as a serial entrepreneur and strategist adds meaning to this long-existing pain point in the Indian athletic and fitness ecosystem. His goal at Granimals is to help provide stability and knowledge to athletes and people who are in search for a brand they can rely on.
Rochan |  The Brain
CSO | Serial Entrepreneur & Strategist